PK Ok?

… dispelling the misconceptions of the movie and gaining vedic clarity



You all loved PK movie, right? Indeed we loved the movie too. But there is caveat.. Read on..

PK was released in Dec 2014 and went on to become the highest grossing Indian film of all time. Using an alien named PK and a journalist as its central characters, the movie exposes the shenanigans of godmen and the gullibility of their followers. Indeed it is true that there are so many self-made godmen in this world trying to leverage the sentiments of innocent in today’s so called “spiritual marketplace”.  But, however,  in its negative stereotyping of religion, it mixes superstitions with meaningful spiritual practices and reduces God to an irrelevant cipher. While PK attracted positive reviews from critics, it also triggered violent protests from the Hindu right wing, which charged it with hurting Hindu sentiments and called for a ban on it.

PK OK? seminar responds to the issues raised in PK by drawing on logic, humor, scripture, science and common sense. We would explore the following three things(GK) in the webinar:

  • General Knowledge
  • God Knowledge and
  • Gita Knowledge.

We loved the movie because it tried to explain that “ritual” activities done at superficial level would not lead us to anything better. But that does not give the right to completely diminish the value of true spiritual practices to zero number.  We love the movie for mentioning that there are so many fake babas and charlatan Godmen in this world. But that does not mean every Spiritual preceptor is fake. If I encounter a bad experience with a inexperienced medical doctor, do I have the right to proclaim – “All doctors in this world are fake”?

Some of the questions we will visit in this discussion are :

  • Can we reject as wrong numbers the rituals that don’t make sense?
  • Do people who are afraid go to temples?
  • Are there two gods: the god who created man and the god whom man created?
  • How can worshiping a cow get one a job?
  • Does a stone smeared with colored powder become God?
  • Why are we not born with our religion stamped on us?
  • Why does God not respond to our prayers?
  • Is PK an anti-Hindu movie? Are violent protests against it justified?
  • Does religion cause violence?

Date and Time: 11/21/2015 – Saturday @ 6-8pm.

Venue: Frisco, TX

Program Agenda:

  • Presentation
  • Q&A
  • Vegetarian Dinner Feast (*** IMPORTANT : Please kindly register so that we are prepared to serve you appropriately)




How does this seminar benefit you?

In this webinar, we will openly but respectfully and objectively examine the arguments, dispel misconceptions and uncover true vedic secrets. You will understand a deeper insight in to Vedic practices in an encouraging and motivating way through logic, science and scriptural evidences.

You will, with deep conviction, be able to transform your “rituals” in to “spiritual” sadhana.

What this seminar is NOT?

Please be assured that this seminar is NOT about some kind of marketing gimmicks. This is not to induce you in to buying any products or anything. We will not sell any Products to you for sure.Please be assured of no spamming when you register for this webinar.

There will be a book table displaying spiritual books like Bhagavad Gita etc, but they are distributed seeking a few donations covering the basic printing costs. You will not be solicited to buy any products or books from us. Please come to have a distraction free, delightful, thought provoking, introspective evening with us.

I have kids, can I bring them?

Absolutely.  There will be a separate kids program to engage them in learning slokas, story telling, picture painting etc, so that you can enjoy a distraction free environment.

What is the catch here? Why are you guys doing this?

To be very honest, there is no catch here. We subscribe to the idea of developing true, non-sectarian, deeper spiritual practices of ancient vedic teachings called – Bhakti Yoga, the process of attaining human life perfection through the yoga of devotional service. It is to this end, we would like to learn, experience and share this wisdom with the rest of the world. Conducting such seminars is one way of our way of  giving back to the community. You are more than welcome to volunteer and help us if you feel the same way as we do. But you do not have to.




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